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Rock Run Recreation hopes your visit is a safe and enjoyable one. For your protection and the safety of all visitors to Rock Run, the following rules and regulations have been adopted. Please ride responsibly and treat other riders as you would like to be treated.

These rules are taken very serious! Participants that disregard the park’s rules and regulations or pose a safety threat to themselves or others will at a minimum, be ejected from the park without a refund and may be suspended from future visits to Rock Run.

  • The parking lot is for parking and unloading your vehicles only.
  • Travel is permitted on designated routes only. Blazing new trails is strictly prohibited and can lead to ejection from the park.
  • All trails at Rock Run are two way trails. Please be courteous to oncoming traffic and utilize proper trail etiquette.
  • No Littering. Please pack out what you pack in.
Regulation Details
Photo ID Is required. Anyone without Photo ID must provide proof of age or have a Parent's consent.
Helmets Is required at all times when operating ATV/UTV/Bikes.
Eye Protection Is required at all times when operating ATV/UTV/Bikes.
Long sleeve Shirt Recommended
Long pants Recommended
Boots Recommended
Gloves Recommended
Night Riding Riding after closing (7PM to 9AM) is prohibited.
Dirt Bikes Permitted on trails.
Dual Sports Permitted on trails.
ATV's Permitted on trails.
UTV's Permitted on trails.
OHV's/ 4x4's Jeeps, Trucks and other 4x4's are permitted on only the designated OHV trail System. You must have 2 vehicles to be on the trails for safety reasons.
Dune buggies Permitted on trails.
Riders Per Machine Based on manufacturer recommendations.
Rider Age It is the parent or guardians responsibility to determine if the rider is skilled enough to ride the machine.
Alcohol Prohibited. No alcoholic beverages may be carried onto or consumed at Rock Run.
Firearms Prohibited. No firearms or weapons are permitted while riding on Rock Run property.
Waivers A waiver is required and must be signed to access Rock Run property for any reason. Any activities on Rock Run property are "At Your Own Risk".
Width Restrictions There is no width restriction, although there are a few narrow bridges on some trails. Machines must stay on applicable trails system for type of machine.
After Hours Entry All park visitors must check-in to the office prior to the park closing for the day. Late arrivals will be stopped by security and placed in the holding lot until the park opens the following day.
Insurance Highly recommended.
Registration Required. Registration is required for all units. If a unit is not registered, Rock Run provides a season long registration for $10 due upon your first yearly visit to the park. Registration is not required for special events.
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