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Rock Run Recreation hopes your visit is a safe and enjoyable one. For your protection and the safety of all visitors to Rock Run, the following rules and regulations have been adopted. Please ride responsibly and treat other riders as you would like to be treated.

These rules are taken very serious! Participants that disregard the park’s rules and regulations or pose a safety threat to themselves or others will at a minimum, be ejected from the park without a refund and may be suspended from future visits to Rock Run.

  • Photo ID: Required. Anyone without Photo ID must provide proof of age or have a Parent's consent.
  • Trailer Rule: Only vehicles registered, plated and insured for use on the highway are allowed to be driven from the public road onto Rock Run property.  If not registered for highway use, all machines must be hauled into Rock Run on a trailer, bed of pickup, or by some other means.
  • Two-way Trails: Trails at Rock Run are two-way trails. Please be courteous to oncoming traffic and utilize proper trail etiquette.
  • Hand Signals: All users of the trails should learn and utilize hand signals to indicate how many riders are are behind them to oncoming riders.
  • Designated Routes: Travel is permitted only on designated trails. Blazing new trails is strictly prohibited and will lead to ejection from the park. Tread lightly!
  • Garbage/No Littering: Please remember to pack out what you pack in.
  • Parking lot: The parking lot is for parking and unloading your vehicles only.
  • Night Riding: Riding after closing (7PM to 9AM) is prohibited.
  • Alcohol Prohibited: No alcoholic beverages may be carried onto or consumed at Rock Run.
  • Firearms: Prohibited. No firearms or weapons are permitted while riding on Rock Run property.
  • Waivers: A waiver is required and must be signed to access Rock Run property for any reason. Any activities on Rock Run property are "At Your Own Risk".
  • After Hours Entry: All park visitors must check-in to the office prior to the park closing for the day. Late arrivals will be stopped by security and placed in the holding lot until the park opens the following day.  If you enter the facility after hours without checking into the office, you will be considered trespassing and subject to appropriate legal action.
  • Insurance: Highly recommended.
  • Registration: Registration is required for all units. If a unit is not registered, Rock Run provides a season long registration for $10 due upon your first yearly visit to the park. Registration is not required for special events.
  • Machines Permitted: 3 and 4 wheelers (ATV) Side by Sides (SXS), Utility Vehicles (UTV), Dirt bikes, Dual Sport Bikes, Off Highway Motorcycles (OHM)
  • Helmets: Required at all times when operating units on park grounds.
  • Eye Protection: Required at all times when operating units.
  • Long Sleeve Shirt: Recommended
  • Long Pants: Recommended
  • Boots: Recommended
  • Gloves: Recommended
  • Riders Per Machine: Based on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Rider Age: It is the parent or guardians responsibility to determine if the child is skilled enough to ride the machine. Please make sure the machine size is matched with your child's skill set.
  • Width Restrictions: There is no width restriction, although there are a 3 narrow bridges on some trails.
  • You MUST have a minimum of 2 vehicles to be on the trail system.  This is for recovery purposes as Rock Run is not able to recover an OHV in case of breakdown or other issue.
  • Machines Permitted: Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV), Jeeps, Broncos, Custom Built Machines.  No oversized machines such as Military Trucks.
  • Trail Familiarization: We recommend that you walk the trail before you drive it.
  • Trail System: OHV's are only permitted on the shared access trails and the OHV sector trails.
  • OHV Requirements:
    • Green Trails: Seat belts, fire extinguisher, spare tire, at least 30 inch tires. Damage to OHV is Possible.
    • Blue Trails: Seat belts, fire extinguisher, spare tire, at least 35 inch tires, 2" to 4" lift, winch, roll cage. Recommended: front or rear lockers, jack and air compressor.  Damage to OHV is possible.
    • Black Trails: Seat belts, fire extinguisher, spare tire, at least 37 inch tires, 4" to 6" lift, winch, roll cage. Recommended:  front and rear lockers, jack and air compressor, tools, spare axles, drive shaft, extra parts, CB radios. Damage to OHV likely.
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