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Site seems to be down since around 9:15 this morning.

We got all of our spots first thing no issues. I think a total of 13 spots Last year we had the issues every one is having.

I was able to get my reservations right at 9 am no problems at all.

I had same issue not able to book until after 9:10 dates were grayed out until well after 9:10. system kept crashing while on it. the weekend we have been coming for multiple years at same site and now they are booked.

Bill Lamey

Brandon Blvns

Nick Bair Harley Rote

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2024 Regular Season Camping Reservations can be made beginning Monday, February 5th @ 9AM on our website. Our office remains closed for the winter season, so please use the contact us feature or messenger should you have any questions. ... See MoreSee Less

Excited to partner with SIDE BY SIDE WITH VETERANS this upcoming season to offer a THANKS to our veterans! Give them a like and follow their page for all the details.2024 SIDE BY SIDE WITH VETERANS ride Schedule ... See MoreSee Less

2024 Regular Season Camping Reservations can be made beginning Monday, February 5th @ 9AM on our website. Our office remains closed for the winter season, so please use the contact us feature or messenger should you have any questions. ... See MoreSee Less

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When do the season passes start for purchasing?

Donnie Kochis I can't wait!!!!

Nick Bair Harley Rote

Michelle Bennet,Penny Lee, Jim Perry, Chris Keiser,Melissa Keiser

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Sales for the 2024 Summer Blast are now LIVE! If searching, please ensure you follow the instructions and choose August 8th as both the check-in and out date and Summer Blast Camping to see what campsites are available. ... See MoreSee Less

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We were able to make all our reservations today.

The sudden rush to get a campsite is ridiculous. Every year I have trouble, and I started coming to this event the very first one you had with Fisher.  I know my sale for the event won’t make or break rock run, but there should be a better way for the people who go every year to pay for their campsites, in advance before they even leave. For example, I go to five events a year, different places, and every year I show up for my campsite for that year I pay on the spot to reserve my campsite for next year.  

Douglas Osteyee Jr.

Reserved and paid for our sites in September and just bought our Summer Blast Tickets! Can't wait! We have been coming since the first Fishers Reunion. I agree with DC that we should be able to reserve our camp sites for the following year when we are leaving the event.

After the changes last year made this year a dream compared to previous years. If someone is having issues they didn’t follow directions after last year’s event. Or they are not following the summer bast event link. We had some friends trying to book for the first time this morning. After we talked to them and explained to follow the link it went perfectly

Its not letting reservations to be made today

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2024 Pricing Announcement: The Chest Township Supervisors of Cambria County enacted a 5% Amusement Tax on all admission and camping sales at Rock Run. This tax is beyond the control of Rock Run; we are legally obligated to collect it. We understand the impact this will have on some of your decisions to visit our facility, therefore, Rock Run pricing remains the SAME AS 2023 with NO INCREASE in admission or camping except Summer Blast camping and $5 day (which has never changed in the last 18 years). We believe if you review pricing for similar facilities, we are the most economical option on the East Coast. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to hosting you for the 2024 riding season. ... See MoreSee Less

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5% wouldn't stop me from coming, it's not easy to find places like this still around. Appreciate all that you and the crew do to keep it fun year after year. My crew always has a good time. We will be down memorial day weekend 😎

Well that won't stop us from coming! This is the best place we've ever rode at! We love it there and we will be coming there to ride for a long time no matter! The people there are great they have always treated us great!! If you think the increase is a problem go somewhere else!

Your pricing is actually HIGHER than the other places around. Other than single day which is only $3.

I look forward to bringing my buggy this season.

Thank you.

Best place in PA to ride and the staff is the best 👌. Only thing I'd change would be a little more technical trails .. a 9.5 out of 10 for me . 5% also won't stop me from coming.

Spend 50,000 on a truck, 10,000 on a trailer and anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 for a machine and someone is complaining about 5% surcharge. Not done by Rock Run but the Township. SMH!! Keep doing what you are doing Rock Run! Love this place! We get a family membership every year.

Rock Run seriously needs to consider making most of the trails one way, now that the side by sides are getting bigger and wider and starting to out number the quads its starting to get dangerous.

Jeez would have thought all the windmills that are slated for out there would have outweighed needing any sort of tax. Hopefully, this doesn't cause you to lose any business.

I have ridden there since the beginning, the place is outstanding, Improvements happening all the time, your rates are certainly reasonable. Thank you for providing us a legal place to ride! See you in April, if I can sell a kidney by then to cover the increase!! 🤣🤣🤣

Rock Run is great - keep up the good work! Now for Chest Twp Supervisors - just more taxation without representation - it's legal theft. It's a shame that the local politicians would do this now. Politicians have no shame or common sense. Pay the piper and shut your mouth - thanks for nothing Chest Twp.

If this offends you stay home. Its a couple of bucks if you cant spare it to keep this amazing place open i can only imagine what your machines look like 🤢

Sounds like you should run new candidates for county government.

ok, so if i read it rite, its going to cost 5 bucks more a day for summer blast so thats 20 bucks and 5% more in the summerblast camping. so would that be 25 bucks a day for a camp site? You still cant beat Rock Run's prices. Staff is awesome too.

Too expensive to begin with

Greedy. The Chest Township Cambria county supervisors are going to get 9 thousand dollars a year per windmill when the project at Rock Run is complete. I know because I'm a Chest Township Clearfield county supervisor and we're getting 2 or 3 in our township. I would never be in favor of such a tax. I'm curious though, is this a tax only directed at Rock Run or does it include all venues within the township?

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2024 Summer Blast camping and admission sales to the general public open at 9AM, Monday, January 29th. All sales are subject to a new 5% amusement tax, enacted by the Chest Township Supervisors, Cambria County. To search for campsites, please follow the directions-choose August 8th for both check-in and out dates and Summer Blast Camping. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cody Markey Phil Markey Craig Kelly Craig. This place is GREAT! Camp & ride. Huge park

Dean George

Jason Gerzsenyi Zack Rock Connor Younkin

Amusement tax????

That’s so nice another new tax 😡

Who are the bands? Hopefully not the same as the past few years... dont wanna go and repeat if the same.

No tax at the Hatfield McCoys better riding a lot more trails

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Payment Reminder - For those who reserved their campsites after last years event, your payment is due in full by this Saturday (20th) to hold your site for 2024. Check your email from 12-31 for your payment link. General Sales for Summer Blast open Monday, January 29th at 9AM EST. ... See MoreSee Less

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i didn't receive a email, even checked my spam folder

Merry Christmas! Hope you all found some new riding goodies under the 🎄this morning from 🎅! ... See MoreSee Less

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Merry Christmas 🎄

Marry Christmas to the Staff

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄

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