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Service: Lodging
Description: Rock Run offers over 350 primitive camps sites spread out between 3 camp grounds. Looking to park your RV? The sites in the Saddlebak campground are large and easy to back into and still have plenty of room to build a fire for mountain pies after a long day of riding. The Pines campground, located just to the left of Saddlebak is a smaller loop of 30 sites that is just off the main campground road. Easy access in with a mid-size camper or great for tents. Camping in a tent or small camper, the Red Oak campground is perfect. Located down over the hill from the welcome center and surrounded by woods these camps sites are perfect for relaxing. Camping is $12.00 a night for a group of 6 people and $2.00 for each additional.
Phone: (814) 674-6026

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